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Livetheorangelife Home-Depot is designed for its employees in a special manner so that employees specially created for MyTHDHR can easily earn benefits through this portal. Livetheorangelife employees can get their financial and medical benefits directly from portals. Livetheorangelife is actually a benefit portal that can be accessed by everyone who works on Home Depot. Home depot is definitely one of the largest retailers in the United States with over 400,000 employees. They supply benefits and perks along with their jobs and to join those beneficiaries, they have to pay by visiting the official internet site of Now we will give you the following instructions about online Live the orange life login through this article.


You can avail various types of benefits from Home Depot such as associate waivers, life insurance, disability insurance, optical critical illness insurance, educational benefits and other fee related benefits.


Basic Requirements for Live the Orange Life:

You are very happy to say that the Live the Orange Life pay web portal is designed to be fairly simple and easy for your employee to use, but one must have some important data to sign up for. For example, to sign up on the Live the Orange Life official web portal, the login ID is as follows

  • You have the most important 4 digit SSN number that the user must use to access the sign-up process.
  • This number is actually also useful for retrieving lost passwords.
  • The user should be aware of the date on which he was born.
  • A device that is then required for a PC, mobile phone, iPad, or any other electronic device to use a web portal.
  • Then your device should be any web browser like Chrome, Mozilla etc.
  • The other most important requirement is an active Internet that is of high quality to access the web portal without interruption.

How to Login online:

  • First of all go to the official site on
  • Now here you need to enter some details to login.
  • Now you have to enter your user ID and password which you have generated during the signup process.
  • Once you input all the credentials properly, you will soon be sent to a Livetheorangelife page
  • After which you will easily reach to get full benefits after login to online.

Livetheorangelife login

Live the Health check:

Each giant retailer store maintains a worker direction portal site. For Home Depot, a member of their own MyTHDHR staff can visit their web site at Mythology. From that point on, they may be able to assess their job schedules, jobs and other information. Live the orange life and MyTHDHR are connected with each other and both these portal websites are also required for your own Home Depot employees live the orange life my schedule.

About The Home Depot:

Home Depot, a home improvement retailer retail store in the United States of America, also has more than 3,000 stores available in the United States and other countries, employing over 400,000 workers for its stores, all of which Employees complete their work with great honesty. Home Depot has designed a website called Live the orange life for its employees from where every employee can get all the guidelines through the portal with their benefits for livetheorangelife alight or Livetheorangelife login for the official web portal

Home Depot Portal MyTHDHR:
Each giant retailer store is a worker direction portal. For Home Depot, you yourself MyTHDHR. A member of staff can view their web site in mythology. From that point on, they may be eligible to assess their job schedules, jobs and other information. Live the orange life and MyTHDHR have good relationship with each other.

Live the orange life Customer Phone Number

If some employees of Home Depot have some questions about Livetheorangelife, they can talk to the customer service center below to find a solution to their problem.
HR service center 866-698-4347

Profit Option Center 800-555-4954

Away from USA, Puerto Rico or Canada 1-847-883-0557

Between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm. Eastern Time, Monday to Friday

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